Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Homecoming part duex and some knitting

So, we survived Homecoming. EA did not get his butt kicked and had a pretty good time at his first high school dance.

Bugg has her very last High School Homecoming behind her...(sob). It seems harder for me than for her. At this age, they think they are self-sufficient. I've heard this a lot during the past 6 months and then we were shopping this weekend. Out of the blue, she asks who is going to help her pick out make-up when she gets to college. I tell her she will be fine, she will manage alright - her new friends will help her. Then she asks if I will just pick it out and send it to her. Blinding flash of the obvious - she wants me to pay for it, right? Well, that may have been part of it, but I'd like to think that us bonding this way may be the other half.

This dress may look familiar. We bought it new her Freshman year and she has loved it so much that this is it's 3rd formal appearance. Saved money on THAT one!

Knitting has been happening. I have caught cast-on-itis and am home sick from work today. Hubs and I took the new toy up North last weekend to the Fiber Festival in Ogemaw County. It was a wonderful day. We sat outside and listened to music while eating - the food was delicious - seee.....

Chris was VERY busy and the yarn I long for flew off of the shelves right before my very eyes. We chose some Celebration to use for the Retro Cardigan. You be the judge on how it is working out.

I have re-sized the pattern and this is the test. So far, so good. The Celebration is double-stranded and knits up nicely. The sizing is right-on and the pattern should be ready once this is complete. The best thing about knitting it this time is there are not large numbers of ends to weave in. I just wound the two skeins into cakes and took off. There is no need to alternate rows to allow for skein variation.


doulicia said...

You must know this already but Bugg is a beautiful young woman! and E A is moving rapidly toward "strapping." Thanks for posting the photos. I LOVE the pink suit and think it shows a certain playfulness, as well as confidence and sense of style to wear it.

You MUST keep it to pull out when he gets married. :)

Kristy said...

They both look wonderful!!

Lisa said...

I just love it when kids dare to be themselves no matter what anyone else may think. My middle one is like that. She dares to be her own person too. Bug looks beautiful too. I wish I could convince my daughter to wear a dress 3 times.

I haven't caught Chris anywhere yet this year. I really want to see some of her stuff again! For now I will just have to enjoy yours.