Friday, September 01, 2006

Knitting Slump? and Tennis

As I labored through the 2nd sleeve of Little Princesses' sweater yesterday, reality hit that I'm in the 'knitting slump'. I am a finishing knitter and have few UFO's - which means I am pretty strict with myself about how many projects I will cast-on before finishing up works in process.

The entrelac sweater will be blocked today and will be a quick sew-up; put on the neck ribbing and it's ready to go.

Branching out which I cast-on during knitacation is nearly finished. I decided to use the entire 2 skeins of the Pure Silk to increase the length.

Egebo is still sitting on the corner of my desk HAUNTING me! It's true, I feel it's presence RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT - it justs need sewn together - it's been blocked - arggg!

These 3 things must be completed for me to be in tip-top Scarf Exchange conditioning - By the end of the weekend (long) I will have them complete!

Off the subject:
Did you see Agassi's match last night? Oh my gosh, it was FANTASTIC! Wouldn't it be fabulous if he could retire on top? Well, at least make it to the final match? His opponents are being boo-ed and it seems the entire stadium is filled when he plays. Go Andre, we're rootin' for you!

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