Wednesday, August 16, 2006


How could a vacation be better?

...Not in that order!

Ok, all parts of vacation aren't often is it that you spend 24 hours a day with your family members? Sure, you love them, but you discover those little nuances about each other's personalities that you've forgotten that you love (and those you forgotten because you don't).

The weather has been fabulous - I LOVE it hot and humid, Mother Nature is cooperating! The doggies are not heat tolerant so they've been enjoying the air conditioning a lot and go out for their walks in the evening. Lucy jumped into the pool immediately upon arrival. Apparently, she can swim, but Bugg fished her out and she has not chosen to go swimming again. Sadly, no pic of that

Bugg and I sat on the beach and were lucky enough to see a pod (is 'pod' the right word?) of Dolphin playing just off the beach. They stayed for quite awhile - some swimmers stayed and others made a beeline for the shore. Fins are fins and after a small shark swam up in inches of water a few years ago, I rarely go in above my ankles. I was finishing up Deb Macomber's A Good Yarn that a friend sent on vacation with me and missed a Sting Ray jumping up out of the water, but Bugg enjoyed seeing it.

...Dare I say more? Sand is nice when it is on the BEACH, not when it comes to you on shoes, in cars, or hidden in swim suit creases


Of course, I brought knitting! Bugg's Lucy bag went into the washing machine as soon as we arrived - We love it, but thought the strap could be longer.

I dug out the yarn for an Entralac sweater for the littlest princess and have finished the back.

Needing a break, I cast-on Debbie Bliss pure silk for the Branching Out pattern from Knitty. I had made this pattern out of some cream-colored alpaca last year (Christmas gift). It turned out well and I thought the melon colored silk would be interesting.

Bugg's bug (yarn bug, that is) has continued - I haven't purchased yarn for myself, but we took time to put together yarn for Periwinkle by Louisa Harding - a cute wrap that she will start soon.

I finished A Good Yarn AND my re-reading of Steinbeck's East of Eden. Dad slipped me a book by Lawrence Block that I will read next - Dad said it had some 'dirty parts' and a little smut is always good when you are on the beach. I found it interesting that on the dedication page, Block indicated The Earth is Flat - this book was published in the '70's. I read John Friedman's recent The World is Flat, I wonder if there will be any similarities in Block's publication (not likely). Just a closing thought, we'll see where it goes.

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Hi everybody, wow, kniterella all the offspring are so grown looking. Please tell hubby and the kids I said hi.