Sunday, August 27, 2006

International Scarf Exchange!!!

Back Home Again?
We made it home from the beach...and it is 15 degrees cooler here which means I am very unhappy!

Actually, for more reasons than that - the sunset in this photo takes my breath away. It may be the incredible memories associated with it - all of the kids were there (which meant much dissention) and the bugs were biting even with the skeeter stick - it was still truly incredible!

The Scarf Exchange is coming, The Scarf Exchange is coming!!!
In catching up on e-mail, I ran across the International Scarf Exchange beginning very soon - jump on the skein and sign up! Seriously, I've wanted to participate in an exchange but the timing has been off. Plus, there is the memory left from my 6th grade gift exchange where I got the crud gift and the really cool present I really wanted (the one I brought) went home with someone else... not to scare off my pal!

This is an opportunity to participate for a minimal investment - I can't wait!

I've submitted my questionnaire and am looking forward to finding out who my pal will be

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