Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Love My Scarf Exchange Pal!

Your messages are great. I love the chat and feel sorry for the rest of the participants who should be VERY envious. The excitement is nearly uncontainable.

Hope you are able to catch a few winks to make up for your early morning pattern surfing!

My buddy's pattern has been ordered - I have a wierd quirk that entails always buying at least 2 of everything (you would think I'd have grown up during the Depression). I ordered two possible patterns (at least - heh, heh) and some Koigu and Zephyr yarn that I've been hankering for -- I NEEDED to in order to hit the threshold for free shipping.

Yarn is bliss, pure bliss!

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Anonymous said...

She sounds really nice. I bet she is equally fond of you.