Thursday, September 28, 2006

Anne the mail - International Scarf Exchange 3


My pal's scarf is finished--but not in the mail yet. I am very happy with the blocked results - it was painstaking to block. There are a few doo-dads I want to put into the package and I'll need to bribe my mom to tote me around to find just the right things. I feel fairly safe that I have not prematurely revealed my identity, but will probably not post to ISE3 website until the package has been officially mailed.

In my quest for the 'perfect Anne scarf pattern', I had run across a headband pattern that lends itself well to this yarn. It was boring to make, but only took a few hours yesterday. I could not manage a decent photo of the final product so I am hopeful that my pal will take a pic with it on and I will post it. If it turns out the headbands are not her thing, it could be a cool re-gifted gift.

This has been a wonderful experience that I will definitely enjoy again. I wish I had been as good and frequent of a pal to XXX as my pal - Knit Purl-has been to me. God does truly send us what we need when we need it.

What's next, you ask? Wellllll....I have my OTHER black bunny wild sock to finish and I did get a fieldtrip to a close yarn store this week (it really tired me out, though). I couldn't resist some bright pink-ish Anne by Schaeffer and a skein of La Boheme by Fiesta in color 1114 Clematis and finally, enough yarn to make a felted Foo Foo bag for Bugg's pal Alyssa (top secret color, but it's cool!)

One more shot for the road....


Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work! The scarf is so pretty. The colors look quite different in the close-up shot, though equally lovely. What a lucky exchangee you have!

pinky said...

Yay! I love my scarf! Thank you! I will post on the ISE blog later but wanted to drop you a quick comment to let you know I got it.