Sunday, September 24, 2006

The cure for what ails you

You thought my cure is -- yarn, right? Typically, I would have guessed that myself but I am able to gratefully report that it is truly the care, wishes, and prayers of the ones who pray for you.

I am recuperating at home. What is it about the comfort of your own pillow, pj's, or dog laying his/her head on your lap that makes it so much better? (OK, Darby the ever-caring, gentle terrier will lay his head on your lap anytime - Lucy is the terrified terrier and jumps to run after looking me over).

Thank you so much to everyone who has expressed care and concern - I'll be getting to you individually as soon as I am able.

So...on to the yarn. I had strategically placed an order from The Fold and it arrived while I was in the hospital. My wonderful BDCH dutifully trucked the package to my room for me to smell. My Goodness, WHERE did I find this man!!! It has been tucked into the 'yarn vault' for now.

He also brought cards from my pals - Fiber Guru (It does hurt to laugh) and from my scarf exchange pal - Knit Purl. Sue - my 'faraway knit friend' and Melanie, Bugg's friend. Everyone at church and work... I feel so lucky to have everyone to keep me in good spirits.

I have completed a few rows of my Pal's scarf and have been eyeing the Black Bunny sock that is calling for finishing, but progress is slow. I know it is not about the progress - it is about the process and the healing is woven into each stitch.

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