Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Packages Received!

I'll admit it - I bought this shirt!

A shop we found while on vacation had a few (in tiny sizes). They can be found at Knitiot Design Studio

This shirt came wrapped in a yarn tied bag - how could I resist?

The post office was very good to me today!

I was beginning to worry - with the yarn for my scarf pal and no pattern to swatch it to and a pattern for the Black Bunny Hop-a-long and no yarn...what's a girl to do?

My Black Bunny came - Cornucopia sock yarn is more fantastically wonderful than I could have imagined! A pattern was already chosen - something I'll post later from an old Stahl pamphlet. Admittedly, I did cast on and have the cuff and almost half of the first repeat finished (give me a break, it is a 47 row repeat!)

The laceweight ordered came in the same package (thanks to Carol for saving me postage) The colorway is CopperBeach and it will have to wait in my stash for a bit while the ISE3 scarf and Hop-a-long socks are being finished.

The colors and quality of Black Bunny is incredible and I can't wait to order more. I've already asked for some red/rust/plum in a worsted weight - I have the perfect pattern chosen and can't wait to receive the yarn after it is ready.

Last week I broke down and ordered this yarn from Scout. It was hand dyed especially for me and shipped right out. The colorway is Harlot's Mums. Each skein is 420 yards - I buy 2 of everything!

Scout has a line of Hurricane sock colors - check them out on her site
I will DEFINITELY want to knit with this soon!

Last but not least, I received the pattern for the


Wendy said...

Quite the shopping expedition you've been on -- I think I need that Copper Beach!


DJ said...

Kniterella, I'm still trying to figure out what outfit these socks will go with. The yarn is very nice looking. I would say pretty, cute, or even Beautiful but that would make me feel to girly. If I was a girl that is what I would say.