Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Insomnia manifested

What is there to worry about? Maybe I'm worrying too much about not having anything to worry about?

4AM and I was wide awake; I've learned to get up, not toss and turn.

5AM blogs read, e-mail read

6AM brew the coffee and, heck, have some oatmeal

6:05AM Make THE list

The list may be the source of my consists of

1. schedule 4 Doctor appointments for myself

2. schedule my first mammogram

(all of which are overdue)

3. schedule Orthodontic appointment for my Favorite Youngest Son

4. take the dogs to be groomed

5. knit designs
6. scrapbook

The Dr. appointments should have been made and attended by now...I am tired of going to the Doctor - the appointments lead to more work and, ultimately, pain.

Let's just skip to #5. The directions for Lace Cable Scarf knitted for my ISE5 pal has been finished since November and Brown Tilly (shown blocking) instructions are all ready, the PDF files just need to be created
#6 is a whole different issue. Way back in July the pleading began. Fortunately, a friend answered and our first expedition last week was a success. Our second session is today and dread is knocking at my door. I am not a Scrapbooker!
(yawn...sigh) Another cup of coffee, please!

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