Friday, December 28, 2007

The bird on my thumb

Managing to knit something around the holidays is easier said than done at our house.

Kate Gilbert's pattern - A Bird in the Hand - caught my eye while browsing on Ravelry and I thought the gauge would work based on my Ivy League Vest gauge. Knit Pick's Palette has been sitting around in stash for awhile and seems to have worked fine. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, but it is difficult to find the extra Cascade 220 when I need it...

Purple and Cream colors were used for this mitten.

Mom and Dad are visiting for a few days and Mom modeled the mitten for me this morning. I haven't stitched the little bird features yet.

Speaking of which, Hubs gifted me with 10 storage containers for Christmas (yes, I asked for them). They've helped reign in the excess yarn flowing from my yarn closet. In the beginning of organization, it is apparent that I have enough yarn. I won't make promises not to purchase, but I vow to take advantage of the de-stash group on Ravelry very, very soon.

The Short Row Hat designed by Veronik Avery is a free pattern that I used along with left-over Wistful yarn from Briar Rose. The hat is a fun, quick knit and I will make it again in the future with yarn that will show more definitive color changes.


becky c. said...

That hat is cool! Thanks for the link.

P.S. What is this de-stashing you speak of? Sounds painful and dangerous.

Alpaca Granny said...

Your mittens are beautiful. I didn't know there was a Ravelry destash group. Hmmmmm.

Lisa said...

Wow what beautiful mittens. You did a great job on them.