Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm so proud

I've been smitten with the River Rock Scarf since No Sheep For You came out earlier this year. Handmaiden Silken was on my yarn Lust List for quite awhile and when Little Knits stocked it (at 20% off, wink, wink), my order was placed.

It was certain that the Glacier colorway would be my choice and it does not disappoint. The 'waves' undulate through the scarf and make me imagine sitting by a stream, listening to the water slurp and gurgle around the 'rocks'.

This scarf is so pleasing to knit that it has nearly caused me to forget about the Ivy League Vest which was well on it's way. My passion has wained a tad (a wee tad). I contemplate the appreciation of skills and knowledge gained since the onset of this fair isle project and muse through possibly frogging the whole thing to begin anew. These feelings led me to put aside the vest for a few days and gain new insight - the answer will be clear once I return to it.

Bugg finally finished a project! We hunted all over the Southern United States for the Berroco Vibe yarn. She was set on this color and it had to be ordered. They were cast on around July ('06 or '07?). Regardless, they were finished a couple of weeks ago and they are fantastic.

I am so proud!

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