Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Cold Butt!

Every winter I vow to not complain about the weather. It is what it is - we live in Michigan and it gets cold and grey then stays that way for 8 months. Ok, maybe not 8...but it seems like it (more like 6 months).
The pond is now completely frozen over. I guess there is a lot of work to be completed toward not complaining and I'm starting by thanking God that I don't have to sit my butt on the cold ice. It astounded me that there are Seagulls in Michigan where there is no Sea. Maybe they are fooled by the many bodies of water and the Great Lakes are huge - you might be deceived into thinking you're at the ocean.
Seriously, when it dips below freezing and the water becomes ice, I'd be heading South to visit my Seagull family for the Winter.
Don't you think this Seagull looks much, much happier than his Northern kin on the ice?
...I am a warm-weather Seagull!

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Susan Pandorf said...


And just think. By next year, I'll be freezing my butt off with all my fellow Michiganders...

Butt-warming blessings!