Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You're what? ...disappointed in ME?

Is there a 'right' way to quit your job?

I've dedicated 3 years of my life to this place...sure, I take the summers off - but I work my butt off the rest of the year. I take calls outside of work- answer questions, use my personal cell phone (and never expense a minute). Many of these little side interruptions go unbilled. I didn't secretly line something up before leaving, I didn't use company time to surf the internet, steal office supplies, or do anything immoral/illegal/unethical...

They are disappointed in me? (incredulously)

So, I've never - ever quit a job before. Don't you write a letter resigning, sign it, give two week's notice, and walk off into the sunset?

Apparently NOT!

Is there another way to quit? I need help! the way, it looks like I have a lot more time to knit in my near future.


Anonymous said...

That sounds familiar! I was working at my office job for 4 years and recently quit. Sure I told them that I had a dentist appointment when I went to my interview, but I had been a very good employee for 4 whole years and my boss was....pissed!(His own words)

We did have a more intimate relationship than just work since I babysat his daughter for a while when she was an infant, but apparently I was not allowed to work anywhere else than for him for the rest of my life??

Anyway, I stayed the 2 weeks, trained the new girl and left....what else is there to do?

Anonymous said...

You did it the right way. Just remember, if they don't honor your two weeks notice, then that qualifies as a firing, which will help you in regards to collecting unemployment, if you plan on doing so. SB