Saturday, November 03, 2007

My Veritable Rhinebeck?

We're off to Grand Rapids (or thereabout) for the Holiday Open House for Briar Rose Fibers.

I've been waiting for this all week!

MY yarn! The yarn in this photo is my first yarn spun on Georgia. We went to an Alpaca show a few months back BG (before Georgia) and I couldn't resist the roving which became this yarn. Really, this is my first attempt at spinning and plying (2-ply) and I am pleased at the beginnings. I'm thinking a class in my near future would help a lot.

The roving came from North Star Alpacas in Ithaca, MI. There were 2 ounces of Berringer with some light blue hand dyed silk added. Maple, from North Star, invited us out to the farm and that is something I would love to do. She was super-nice! Check out her etsy shop here -- PLUS, she has 15% off roving right now.

On another note - there isn't much yarn on my 'lust list'. Of course, anything from Briar Rose is fair game. Handmaiden Silken is the only other yarn that has been on this list for awhile. Let's face it, it would take a stronger lady than myself to resist the Tuscany shawl or River Rock Scarf in Amy Singer's No Sheep For You. When one of my favorite IYS (internet yarn stores) started carrying Silken AND had a 20% discount, I folded! Sometime soon, a package will arrive with 5 shiny skeins of Handmaiden Silken will arrive on my doorstep...all for the price of 4 skeins - what a deal! My lust list has just gotten a little smaller.

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Susan Pandorf said...

Bet you had a good time in Caledonia. I was hoping to attend and meet up with you, but real life intervened. Am going to try and hook up with Chris at Ann Arbor this weekend.

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