Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Knitting aka Thrummed Mittens

This is my first shot at thrummed anything and I know the fleece looks uneven. I think it can be manipulated a bit more and the result will be alright. The fleece loops inside feel wonderful and will felt together as the mittens are worn.

Making the thrums is a drag, though. The pattern recommended making all of them (over 200) at one time, but my attention span would never handle THAT! I decided to make them as I go and it is working out perfectly fine.

For certain - these mittens will be warm!

After making my list and checking it twice, it was painfully obvious that my Christmas knitting was going to be short a few items this year. I had picked up a sock blocker keychain and dug that out. It was really cute made up and I'm going to try and sneak away to the yarn store again to pick-up a couple more. I've already made an extra sock - they are super quick! This picture is blurry, but you will get the idea.
I've thought of making these little socks twice the size and connecting them as garland for my Christmas tree...(wistfully)someday.

Much of our shopping is finished, but there are still a few things I need to get accomplished. American Eagle really ticked me off! I ordered a coat that Bugg wanted (but didn't need) and it was backordered for just a couple of days. I checked the mail and it didn't arrive....and didn't arrive. I checked my e-mail...nothing. Finally, I checked my account at AE on-line and they listed the item as cancelled. I didn't cancel it, so I e-mailed to inquire to which they responded that 'my backordered items are no longer available and have been cancelled". Ok, I get it, but couldn't they have notified me? Hello...where are the customer service specialists of the world? Doesn't anyone care anymore?

On a brighter note, Briar Rose Fibers is going to have a road trip near my home. I have wanted to try their fibers since hearing Brenda Dayne of Cast-On fame rave about their products. I will post photos of whatever I procure.

I feel my tiredness creeping through my fingertips, through the keyboard, and into these words. Returning to work has been good, but difficult in the rest aspect. The things I am working on are diverse and challenging, but I am still looking forward to the weekend (sigh). It is dark in the morning when I go to work and dark most of the time when I get home Sad

I worried today because I thought it felt warmer outside...and it was 36 degrees! I need a warmer climate.

Mitzi's Birdie has been here for one week and I suppose it is time for a Birdie Note: BirdieBirdie is doing well. I leave the radio on for her during the day so she isn't lonely. And the light on so she isn't in the dark if I get home late. She will sometimes sit on my finger or shoulder, but it freaks me out when she pecks at my earrings.


Kristy said...

I think birds as pets are a little creepy. I am glad she is doing well - you are a good friend to volunteer to bird sit.

The thrummed mittens are cute. I wish I had need for something so warm.

And the tiny sock? Absolutely adorable. I love your idea for little sock garland. Where did you get this pattern? I would love to try your idea. I have a little 3 foot tall fiber optic tree - surely garland for that wouldn't be too daunting. Right?!?

Anonymous said...

Hi again knitty,

I hope those mitts are for me. I'm still living in down by the river and altho its not too cold yet it sure is rainy. I could use some nice warm mitts. Lucky I got to the liberry today to use the computer. Will you please send me those mitts KnittY? Purty please? Say yes and I'll reveal my shed address to you as long as you don't visit. I'm so ashamed to live in a shed down by the river...