Friday, December 29, 2006

Bye, Bye Birdie

Mitzi is home from her multi-city tour and I am thrilled. I did miss her and our KnitNite. When we've missed a few and finally get back together there is so much to catch up on that little knitting is actually accomplished. On a few occasions I think my needles have never even left their bag - gasp!

This also means that Birdie will be going home. I was a bit worried about Birdie because she had been laying eggs. I didn't want Mitzi to worry while she was away on vacation and elected to not post about it. Birdie has still eaten pretty well and I hope she is excited to see her Mom. I will miss her chirping greetings, but don't think I am ready to sign up to be a permanent bird mom yet.

Bugg is re-cooperating from having 3 wisdom teeth removed this morning. This is the first 'major' procedure she's had and it turns out that she has her mom's flair for the dramatic. She hyperventilated and caused all sorts of commotion in the office. They were able to sort everything out and she is resting peacefully in her mama's bed. I have experienced the very same reaction during work on my wrist as it was healing and this was the same Doctor that had to deal with my 'surgery bleeding incident' in September. All's well, though and I am, again, thankful that we have a Surgeon who is on his toes.

Waiting room translates to 'knitting time' and I took my Make Tracks Cardigan to work with. This is knitting up nicely and quickly and I will try to get it finished in the next few weeks before beginning the Briar Rose Fibers KAL

If you haven't joined the Briar Rose Fibers Knit Along yet, we would love to have you join us. There is no deadline so you have plenty of time to knit what you like. If you want to be included in the first yarn give-away, be sure to join soon as we will draw a name toward the end of January - I will post the date on that site as it nears. Chris has provided 3 incredible skeins of her Sonoma yarn and one of our fellow knitters will get it all for their own.

Knitting on this pattern also offered a much needed break from a rather intricate sock pattern that 'looked like a fun challenge'. I am knitting this from an incredible skein of Schaefer Anne on size 0 needles. Once I get 4 inches for the cuff it will become easier with the back stitches changing to stockinette stitch. I have no illusion that these babies will be finished anytime soon.

I completed a scarf for my knit pal, Kristy, from ISE3. She made an incredible scarf for me So Am I that is incredible. I really should take another photo of me wearing it as I was fresh out of major jaw surgery during the last one. Kristy keeps meaning to post the pattern on her blog so check back there on occasion to see if it is available. Anyway, Kristy had not received her scarf until last week and I wanted to make one for her. I am dying to post a photo of it, but am refraining until she receives it...which should be tomorrow according to Bugg who was nice enough to drop it by the post office for me.

This New Year's Eve promises to be a calm one. I like to keep my brood near to avoid interaction with the people who choose to endanger others during their celebration. We do have a little bubbly in the fridge and I will toast to you and your health and happiness for the upcoming year - Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Well no wonder you never contacted me for Friday shopping! My best to Bugg and her ex-wisdom teeth. I'm happily knitting a sock and planning a baby bunting but alas! I have no suitable yarn! I must pop into a shop tomorrow as hubby and I make a trip down to Cabela's. Happy New Year! Fiber Guru

Anonymous said...

By the way, I was told once that when your bird lays eggs, it's a GOOD thing. It means she is comfortable and happy and you should be glad because you're doing something right. Of course they won't hatch if there's not a man bird around....Fiber Guru

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the So Am I pattern, I have been meaning to ask you a question: I have the pattern all written out but I forgot to make note of how many repeats there are up each side. Could you count them for me? As soon as I know that info, I'll post the pattern.

Also, I can't wait to see the scarf! Really, I am thrilled about it. It didn't arrive today so I will be counting the minutes until the mail arrives on Tuesday. What bad timing for a long weekend!

Also, also, so sorry to hear about Bugg's struggles with the wisdom teeth! When I had my wisdom teeth out, I just HAD to have pizza for dinner that night and ended up with dry sockets. Not fun. I hope she rests well in her Mama's bed. I know from experience that this is one of the best places to heal.

AND (I'm feeling chatty today) those socks, beautiful. Plus, size 0 needles? That is just knitting craziness. I am awed.

Maybe I should brave socks for the Briar Rose Knitalong?....

Kniterella said...

Hey, Kristy! You ARE chatty today and I love it! Here goes - there are 17 repeats on the half that has all blue and 16 repeats (2 black, 14 blue) on the other half. Also, I must add that you did an absolute perfect on the mitre! Sorry about the mail - Tuesday, I hope!

Anonymous said...

17 repeats on one side and 16 on the other? Oh my. I am so embarrassed! Can I pretend that was an intentional error?

I'll have the pattern posted before the end of the year.

Kniterella said...

I don't think it is as bad as it sounds - the extra repeat is made up on the 16-side when you graft the two sides together. They are perfectly even - Want me to post a picture?

mitzi said...

Hey my picture looks great! Thanks for taking such good care of me. I miss you!
Love, Birdie