Saturday, December 09, 2006

My First Briar Rose Fiber...

I had the most incredible knitting experience today...ok, I've said this before, but it is true - honest - yarn heaven!

Brenda Dayne's Cast-On Season 4 is sponsored by Briar Rose Fibers. I've been listening to Brenda's podcast from early on and was intrigued when she chose sponsors. I browsed the Briar Rose website stalking the fibers and longing to feel the yarn slide through my fingers on their way to becoming some fabulous garment that made me feel wonderful every time I wore it.

After missing every summer fiber event (and my chance to touch the coveted fiber), I was thrilled to find out that Briar Rose would participate in an open house very near my home. I planned it all out, downloaded the map to my PDA and was off...

...It wasn't difficult to find and I was giddy with anticipation when I asked for the fiber before even getting in the door (patience isn't a virtue I was blessed with).

Chris travels to fiber festivals and open houses to bring her incredible fiber to people like us. She spent a lot time talking with me and sharing our Christmas knitting lists - She is a very gracious person and I enjoyed talking with her. I felt like I had known Chris forever and am thankful that something that I love and am passionate about presents opportunities to meet such nice people.

Did I BUY anything?

On to the haul - you want to know what I bought, don't you? Let's begin with Earth Song - a yummy alpaca with incredible color. I chose hanks with green which moves into a grey-ish blue with tan, brown and a speck of plum-ish color. After seeing the Lacy Cable Shrug, I couldn't resist.
I had been eyeing the After Hours Shawl - have I mentioned my desire to knit lace? All the time, any time, I want to knit lace...anyway, this shawl is very striking in person and I chose an incredible skein of Sea Pearl.

The Tilly's Garden Shawl pattern had be tops on my list, but Chris couldn't bring EVERYTHING. I will be ordering Legend as a reward to myself when I finish my Christmas knitting (sigh)

No, thats not all. Would I leave without sock yarn? Grandma's Blessing 'accidentially' fell into my pile and I fell in love with the skein of olive, navy, and browns.

This yarn will become an incredible pair of socks for everyone in my family to fight over (sigh, sigh).

So, I began thinking - is it right to keep all of this fiber-y goodness to myself? Shouldn't I share with all of my friends? You know I don't share well when it comes to my yarn. How about I start a Briar Rose Fibers Knit-A-Long and we can all enjoy that hand painted heaven together?

Now, I know we're all down to the last minute on our Christmas projects so let's start in January. I will work on putting up a site and you work on getting your friends interested in joining. I only have to decide what the project will to the knitting board!


Amy Peterman said...

Hi, This is Chris' daughter. That's me on the patterns. :-)

The Briar Rose Knit-A-Long sounds fun! I'll watch for it in January.

Anonymous said...

Hello Cast On listener!! Isn't her yarn amazing!! I've never met her in person but through email I can tell that she's such a sweetie.

Hugs and bunnies,

Wendy Dorrel
Dame Candle Company