Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Circa 2000: my first socks ever

10 years ago I embarked on a most satisfying hobby adventure. Knitting had always interested me and the day I walked through the doors at Mass Ave Knit Shop changed my life.

Truly, knitting changed my life!

In the early days, my yarn purchases were like those of many new knitters. It was on sale, so I bought it. Many of those yarns are in my yarn closet to this day.

So, when the sale came up and Jo Sharp DK wool balls were in the bin, I noticed. There were many odd balls and the owner told me that there was enough for socks.

Knitting was new to me and my second sweater was nearing completion, but were my skills sock worthy? No worries, I plunged in with Learn to Knit Socks and my new yarn.

The Basic Sock pattern looked pretty easy and my first socks were born.

The stitches look pretty even for a fairly new knitter.

It is apparent that gauge was not a huge consideration in my early days. The fit is not great.

The toes make me laugh! They are finished with two different techniques and one hasn't been recognized by the knitting community as a valid option for closing toes.

All-in, I keep these socks just as they are for many reasons.
They remind me how far I've come on my knitting journey.
They make me think of the valued relationships knitting has brought into my life.
They show me how something useful can be made with two sticks and some string.
They are keeping my feet warm this rainy day.
I still have some of this yarn in different colors...


Walden said...

Sometimes the memories items hold are worth the item being kept. My first sweater did not fit well, but I still keep it. I like the memory of making it and it will be a good comparison for when I get around to finishing my second sweater for me and seeing how far I have come in those years.

Jeanne said...

Those are really good for first socks - I keep my first knit things for the same reasons - always good to see how far you've come.

I'm curious - what was the method you used to close the one (maybe you can start a new trend! :-)

Saffron said...

Your socks still look very good! :) Cool that you still have them. I gave mine first pair away 'cause they didn't fit me. Now I wish I'd kept them, at least for prosperity's sake.