Monday, November 30, 2009

Gloves on demand

Bugg arrived home for Thanksgiving break with a goal in mind. She intended to head back to school with a pair of handknit gloves to keep her hands warm.

I was skeptical at being able to pull off the task while planning the holiday dinner and all of the other tasks that had me trailing behind that busy week.

Hubs and FYS often comment about my ability to 'whip something up' pretty quickly, so with that boost in confidence, I embarked to make her gloves.
This pattern is Hourglass Eyelet Gloves from Webs. I used 2 skeins of Valley Yarns Sheffield and the yarn is wonderful to knit.
Construction of this pattern is a little unique in that the fingers are all knit as an i-cord and closed by picking up a row of stitches along the ladders created in the back of the fingers. Once finished with this, the fingers are connected and the hand is knit in the round. Easy enough, but I prefer the more finished look of traditional knit gloves.
Bugg was happy and tucked them into her bag while one was still a little damp. She called to let me know it is c o l d at school. Just knowing she will slip these gloves on to keep her hands toasty warms my heart.


Walden said...

So sweet you are. They look good!

Jeanne said...

Great gloves - and amazing you finished them so fast!