Monday, November 02, 2009

Cough, wheeze

It has been one week since returning from the Kentucky adventure and we are still sick. Thankfully, FYS didn't develop symptoms before his tamiflu arrived. As for Hubs and I, we received the worse of it. This sickness packed a punch of headaches that threatened to blow the tops of our heads into oblivion. Never has a headache hurt so much and been affected by so little. Here I am, a week in, and it was the plan to go to my tennis group this morning. Heh, heh, it was not to be.

Last week did offer up opportunity to knit. In between the fever, chills, and exhaustion, there were projects flying off my needles.

First up, a lovely little vest knit for Nana's in Baton Rouge. It is knit in Lana Grossa Come on US 5 needles.

This vest has a lot going on with cables, eyelets, and an interesting neckline. I wish the unmodeled photos did it justice, it looks so much better on. The ribbing lays just perfectly and it accentuates without being snug. I will get some modeled photos up ASAP.

The back has nearly as much to offer as the front. If you haven't taken the time to look at this yarn, please do. It is incredible from the soft squishy way it feels in your hands to the drape of fabric that it makes.

Also, a finished pair of socks! Through the Loops hosted a Mystery KAL which was so fun to follow. One clue a week and finished socks by the end of October!

I used Lisa Souza Sock that was gifted to me too long ago. Now, I can think of my dear friend whenever I wear them.

Knit on US 1. If we finished and posted photos in the Ravelry group by 11/30, there was a chance for prizes!!!! I did, we shall see.

Off for a rest now. It turns out that blog posting can really take it out of me.


Jeanne said...

I hope you are feeling better (and everyone else too!).

The vest is amazing - wow! Love the cables.

Very pretty socks - great job finishing them on time!

Saffron said...

I love you sock!!! Pattern & Yarn go very well together! :)

Walden said...

Both the vest and the socks look great! Hope you all feel better.