Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow? Really?

They didn't say it NEVER snows here, they said it RARELY snows here. Expecting to see the little white flakes every 10 years or so, imagine my surprise when snow fell last week for the second year in a row.

This was my only evidence that it had 'snowed'.

Granted, it didn't stick around long. As a matter of fact, it didn't stick at all. The snow here is more like little water crystals.
I've decided if this is the extent of it, I am staying and will deal with the kooky drivers who have no idea how to negotiate the slightest bit of icy weather and really have no business driving in such conditions.

Apparently, the semi-cool weather finally inspired my husband to wear those socks I finished for him just after Valentine's Day. He did not understand that they are meant to be worn, no matter how many times I insisted that knitter's want recipients to actually use and enjoy the finished product.

He says he didn't want to wear them out.

I've also cast-on an infinity scarf. If you haven't had the opportunity to see Punta Yarns Mericash in person, just take my word for it and order some. I'll bet this is going to be flying off of every shelf that stocks it. At around $20.00 for 262 yards, it was irresistible. The colorways are fabulous and did I mention how soft it is? It is soft, really soft! You need some!


Linda said...

I love learning about new yarns you've discovered. It's a little limited here so any info is good. My first stop in St. Louis will be my favorite yarn store. Tell your Hubby he did a marvelous job modeling his socks.

becky c. said...

Ok, I always buy yarn when I'm told. Thanks for enabling me!

Jeanne said...

Very nice socks - they look so warm!

The yarn is amazing - I'm going to have to go put that on my list to are such an enabler! :-)