Friday, December 18, 2009


Remember the Punta Mericash that I encouraged you to hunt down and buy, buy, buy?
I recommend it even more highly now. The drape and softness is definitely at the top of my list.

Two skeins were plenty and it feels luxurious when wrapped around my neck.

It knit up quickly on US 5 needles

I am devising a plan to get more in a blue-ish colorway.

It was a pleasant diversion, but time is awastin' and I really need to focus on the Christening gown.


becky c. said...

Looks great! Christmas present?

Walden said...

oohh, it looks so nice!!

Jeanne said...

Very pretty! I'm trying to resist your enabling though....

Saffron said...

Looks so very warm. A blue-ish colorway sounds nice. :)