Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Finished in a month!

Pretty quickly, too. I wasn't even knitting monogamously, either.

Lana Grossa - Linea Rossa No. 2, Model #9

This yarn is truly dreamy. The softness factor is off the scale. There were a few thick and fuzzy pieces in some of the skeins. I cut most of them out and wove in the extra ends as I went.

The pattern called for a button, but I couldn't imagine putting a button and I-cord/crochet loop on the front of this sweater. I opted for a shawl stick. My LYS just received a very nice one that would coordinate perfectly and it may become mine today.
The only thing I frown upon is the way the cables poke out in some places . They are 10 stitch cables and they will tuck back in, but I prefer for them to look all fancy without any of the extra work.

Link to the Cardigan on Ravelry

This is the second model made from this book and I find the designs very wearable and stylish. Not your great-grandmother's knits.


Linda said...

Wow! What an amazingly beautiful sweater, and I love the color. Here's my inspiration to try something a little more difficult again. You must be a really speedy knitter!

Anna said...

Nice work! It looks like a very glamorously comfortable cardi!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful! It looks so nice on you too - great job!