Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When things are finished

I like it when things get finished all at once. Typically, there are not more than 3 projects on the needles at one time around here and they are usually balanced so at least one is a 'quick knit'.

Summer tops are a favorite to make for Bugg, partly because she is so small and they knit up so fast. She picked out the Athos pattern from Norah Gaughans Volumn 2. It is knit in Berroco Touche on size 5 and 7 needles. The only change made was to knit it in the round. Increases and decreases were made at the side markers. The side seam sewing was happily omitted.

The side photo was taken prior to putting the sleeves in. Bugg and I both liked this top a lot better with the sleeve.

After scouring Ravelry for finished projects in the same colorways of Silkience, trades were made to secure enough yarn to finish that darned Viva cardigan. If you make this pattern in the stripe sequence, pick up an extra skein of each color. The yarn was inexpensive, but with shipping, it was a better deal to swap on Ravelry.

I've been yearning to spin, but the blanket has been my primary focus this week. the edging should be finished tomorrow. A couple of different things were attempted and I will blog more about i-cord finishing when the final photos are up later this week.

The colors are so vibrant that I couldn't bring myself to discard any of the ends. I've a couple of ideas on what can be made with them.

Finished photos this week - I promise!


vanessa said...

wow, both the top and sweater are lovely!

Elysbeth said...

I think Bugg's top is much nicer without seams, it will snuggle up and not be lumpy after a day of wearing.