Tuesday, November 28, 2006

...We interrupt this message...

Fiber Guru is traveling somewhere in the United States and is apparently in need of some juicy reading material...this is for you (I miss you)

Thanksgiving has come and gone but the wonderful weather remains! It is over 60 degrees today but the cold snow is looming in our near future.

My family came for Thanksgiving and I cooked dinner (mostly) by myself. 'Big Bird' weighed in over 21 lbs. and was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to get a photo that would make your mouth water, but Hubs was anxious to carve right in...and he did. I was very pleased with how everything came out and wonder why we don't do this more often than once a year.

My brother is on an anti-shave campaign(grey shirt)...he brought my Sister-In-Law, my nephew, and the Littlest Princess. Queen Moo (ma) is to the left looking at the camera and Dad-E-O is next to her. Hubs and Bugg are at the far end.

The picture is pretty awful, but I was anxious to sit and eat myself.

I did manage to get Little Princess to try on her green sweater. You know, the one that I re-worked the neckline for multiple times? Well, this time, I put in a rolled collar and - voila!

She refuses to be still long enough for photos, but I managed a shot of her and her mom anyway. At almost 3 years old, she moves pretty quickly reminding me why I chose to have my children while I still had the energy to chase them.

The animals were exhausted and took much needed naps.

...Of course I've been knitting! I have a load of Christmas presents to produce...
The socks are finished...ONE to-be-felted slipper...

...and a partially finished hat!

...and I found a little time to finish the Ketchup sweater (I think it will be too small!)

Other than that, I did some shopping and knit on a cardigan for myself (mom's stuff had my necessities blocked in and I couldn't roll yarn for a Christmas present project)

As for the little guy wearing fashionable knits in the beginning of this post...I made him a couple of years ago and couldn't bear to part with him. He will be traveling to live in his forever home before Christmas. Maybe he needs a scarf...

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Kristy said...

This post is like knitting porn. So fabulous! And the little green sweater is adorable. I am so excited to finally be getting caught up on you! :)