Tuesday, November 14, 2006

'Accomplishment' is a four-letter word

Where have I been?

What have I been doing?

Christmas is coming and I have a load of gifts to make, but with going back to work last week, I am finding it challenging to feel like I can get ANYTHING done.

I did manage to knit this sock and it is a gift - the giftee has two feet, so I have cast-on for the second. It is out of Knit Picks Simple Stripes.

In all fairness, I did crochet my quota of three (3) afghan squares. I allowed myself to revel in the glory for a moment and then realized I needed four (4) a week to accomplish completion before Christmas - guess what, it ain't happenin'

My efforts will be better directed at knocking everything else off and then finishing the afghan a few weeks after Christmas.

Needlework has taken a back seat as well. A lot of work has been done on my gingerbread stocking
and I feel good about it even though it will not be finished in time for use this year. If you remember, there was not much progress last July.

Fiber Guru turned me on to this cool bargello pattern that is really so much nicer than it photographed. This pattern is pretty quick and fun to stitch. I have decided to double the width and was thinking 'pillow', but the further along it gets, the more I think of hanging it on the wall.

I can see this piece being finished long before the others and with cold weather setting in, results should come quickly.

In parting, I am sharing a Halloween photo of my dear daughter. In case you are wondering, she did have the 'butt crack' going on, butt I am saving you from viewing that spectacle. She makes a mom proud!


Anonymous said...

Who the heck is that creature because it scares me and I don't want it near me! FG aka Theresa

Anonymous said...

Hey, you haven't posted in forever and here I am, ready to read about you! Theresa