Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Company Boycott and My New Yarn-REDUX!

First order of business - Zip-N-Squeeze representatives did contact me (FINALLY!) via e-mail. The extremely long, sometimes rambling summarized - the could refund the re-stocking fee of $6.30, if I wanted. My reply - yes! of course I want my money! How gracious of you to offer to return it! I accept your offer, deliver it to me as soon as possible! Voila! Done! Apparently, they are still researching the shipping cost.

Secondly, and most important - I have been on a little yarn tear! I guess there wasn't enough yarn here to keep me company and more just keeps following me home.

There is the sweet sock yarn - Interlacement's Tiny Toes at the far right, Great Adirondack's Silky Sock at the top, and a skein of Schaefer's Anne.

Some Rowan Kid Silk Haze, KnitPicks sock yarn for Christmas presents, and - oooh, Socks that Rock named X-Mas Rock...

...And a skein of Schaefer's Trenna (which really is more beautiful in person).

That's all, you ask?

Check out this HandMaiden Sea Silk! I've been eyeing this and my EBay proceeds really made the difference in helping me decide on the purchase. It does smell of the sea. **The HandMaiden came right from Little Knits. They carry great yarn - check out the color I have Autumn. Their photo is better than this one.

Sure, there are other odds and ends, but this is enough to leave me adequately ashamed...Not!

It sounds like a few of my friends are jumping on the Socks That Rock bandwagon. Yipee! It sounds like a lot of fun. We all have plenty of UFO's so we'll need to keep each other on task.

Finally, this caught our eye a few nights ago and I wanted to share. Had I more time, I would have edited out the sale sigh. **Dear, dear Stitcher Bomb, do not get excited - I am not moving. This is a lot across the the lot and you can get your very own moon straight out your back window!


Anonymous said...

I hope that's not a for sale sign in front of your home unless you're going to move closer to us!! Okay, where did you get the Handmaiden Sea Silk??? It is to die for!!!! SB

NeedleTart said...

Ooohh! Love the sea silk! I may have to order some of that!
I posted the recipe for the pear drinkie earlier in the week. Hope you enjoy.

Kristy said...

Oh love all the yummy yarn goodness. So beautiful! And the moon in the sky picture is so striking, regardless of the for sale sign!

Anonymous said...

OH DEAR! I thought it was some other kind of moon. So did S.B.! didn't you??? Theresa