Friday, July 30, 2010

I finished something!

I've wanted to blog, but things here tend to be kept light and focused on crafty pursuits. There have been way too many distractions with my Hubs and favorite pup.

Hubs is much better and they are keeping tabs on his blood pressure. He can finally drive himself, lift moderately, and get into the pool. It must have felt like he was on lock down.
Easter photos for Alaina 2010
Just as Hubs healed, Darby began getting sick. This is a major issue for us because Darby is the favorite pup of all time. I joke and tell people he is my 'best kid'...and sometimes (most), I mean it. Hubs and I have often talked about having him cloned because he is the best dog ever. Darby does whatever is asked of him and he is very smart so he understands many words and requests then carries them out. When he began drinking LOTS of water and had an accident or two on the floor, we were very concerned. Turns out that he is diabetic and now requires two insulin shots a day. For the past two weeks, I try to get him to eat a little in the morning then watch him bow his little head for me to give him the shot - what a trooper! He has lost a little weight, but is doing much better. Whew!
Chiara wrap (4)
I've been spending a little more time sitting with my pup in his chair while knitting. The upside has been that the Chiara shawl is finally finished. This is a very nice yarn which has sheen and a small halo. The brown lured me in, but I don't wear much in the tones that will match. I guess it was a step outside the usual of blues and greens.
Chiara wrap (6)
Chiara wrapIt seems my knitting mojo may have returned, because the Battleboro Hat has been cast-on. This is an experimentation on making DK weight yarn work for a Worsted weight pattern. More to come.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Day 6 report coming on day 7

This is the totality of my 2010 Tour de Fleece production. The fiber has been quite nice to spin and my yarn is very pleasing. I've fought the urge to grab knitting needles and work a little swatch because I might not be able to stop there.

My mom called yesterday to inquire about joining Facebook because I haven't been posting anything on my blog anymore. Heh, heh. Caught her, didn't I? Posts have been going up quite regularly and she must not be checking.

Hubs is a bit stir crazy today and a movie might be nice. I've already seen Eclipse, but it was the best so far and it would be ok to see it again. Up until this movie, I've strongly disagreed with the casting. Afterward, I am thinking they may have only gotten half of the roles wrong.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

a day for idle

There was little rest last night and I made it to the hospital by 6:10A this morning. The nurse wasn't sure what time the cardiologist would perform my husband's procedure - it turned out to be 7A.

Everything is fine. No blockage, thank goodness! Upped dosages of blood pressure medicine should help keep those skyrocketing numbers under control.

Given the procedure, hubs was required to stay on his back until 2P. Everything goes well, they release you. They finally came at 4:30P - we were grumpy.

I find myself walking by the spinning wheel with fleeting urges to make a yard or two of yarn...alas, I am weary.

Peaceful thoughts of a day with very good news are enough and the wheel will wait until tomorrow.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

2010 Tour de Fleece; day 4

Day 4 2010 tour de fleece (3)
I had goals for today. The first was to ply the remaining single yarn from the first two bobbins. The second was to spin more single and try to fill one more bobbin. The first was accomplished, the second was not.

I found myself in the ER with my husband. He has high blood pressure that has not been behaving. Couple that with some chest discomfort this morning and we went to the hospital. The blood work came back good, no heart damage or evidence of a heart attack. They decided to admit him for a heart cath tomorrow. They assure us it is fairly routine and I am happy that they decided to do the test while he is there.

Sitting and waiting were exhausting. It was nearly 6:30P before he got a room and the sounds of the ER can be horrible. Always take your ipod when going to the ER - it drowns out noises of those in pain, peril, and information one really doesn't care to over hear.

No spinning for me tomorrow, but I am happy that the plying of the rest of the 380 yards was achieved early in the quiet of this morning. The birds were chirping as the raindrops dripped against the window. It was the peaceful time before chaos ensued.

Monday, July 05, 2010

2010 Tour de Fleece; days 1,2 and 3

Day 1 2010 Tour de Fleece (5)
I've been spinning like a fiend. The 3- 8oz balls of 'alpaca' were calling my name and I was pretty certain that I could knock it all out before the Tour closes on July 25(?).
Day 1 2010 Tour de Fleece (2)

One has been finished and the second contributed to fill the second bobbin.
Day 2 2010 Tour de Fleece (3)
Day 3 2010 Tour de fleece

Day 3 2010 Tour de fleece (3)
I couldn't resist plying one bobbin and was rewarded with 150 yards of fabulous Romney. See, that was a wasn't Alpaca at all!
Day 3 2010 Tour de fleece (5)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Training for Tour de Fleece 2010

handspun sunshine (2)
After spinning those Bunny Balls, I was anxious to keep going. The allure to create utterly unique yarn is irresistible!
handspun sunshine (3)
There were quite a few pretty little packages of Funky Carolina in my bin and the two selected contain South African Fine, Superwash Merino, Superwash bfl, sparkles, tencil, firestar, and angelina. Wow, what a combination!
handspun sunshine (5)
Across the span of this week, these yummy fibers have been spun into 328 yards of fingering weight yarn. Now that my wheel is fiber-free, I must decide what my Tour de Fleece goal will be. After all, riding commences tomorrow!
handspun sunshine