Tuesday, July 06, 2010

2010 Tour de Fleece; day 4

Day 4 2010 tour de fleece (3)
I had goals for today. The first was to ply the remaining single yarn from the first two bobbins. The second was to spin more single and try to fill one more bobbin. The first was accomplished, the second was not.

I found myself in the ER with my husband. He has high blood pressure that has not been behaving. Couple that with some chest discomfort this morning and we went to the hospital. The blood work came back good, no heart damage or evidence of a heart attack. They decided to admit him for a heart cath tomorrow. They assure us it is fairly routine and I am happy that they decided to do the test while he is there.

Sitting and waiting were exhausting. It was nearly 6:30P before he got a room and the sounds of the ER can be horrible. Always take your ipod when going to the ER - it drowns out noises of those in pain, peril, and information one really doesn't care to over hear.

No spinning for me tomorrow, but I am happy that the plying of the rest of the 380 yards was achieved early in the quiet of this morning. The birds were chirping as the raindrops dripped against the window. It was the peaceful time before chaos ensued.


Walden said...

Hope all goes well and he leaves with a clean bill of health!

WonderWhyGal said...

I cry when I knit and it's because I learned to knit in the ER, ICU, and various doctors offices. I know the association between knitting and my father is very strong but I can reflect back on that time and know that if I didn't have knitting while I sat there and watched my father die, I wouldn't have made it. I had a friend tear out the hat I was knitting as I watched him take his final breaths in Hospice. I couldn't bear to touch it after that day.

Take your knitting or take a drop spindle to the hospital. While you wait, it will keep you sane.

Jeanne said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband and hope that he's back home now and that things are ok.

Enjoy the spinning!