Friday, July 09, 2010

Day 6 report coming on day 7

This is the totality of my 2010 Tour de Fleece production. The fiber has been quite nice to spin and my yarn is very pleasing. I've fought the urge to grab knitting needles and work a little swatch because I might not be able to stop there.

My mom called yesterday to inquire about joining Facebook because I haven't been posting anything on my blog anymore. Heh, heh. Caught her, didn't I? Posts have been going up quite regularly and she must not be checking.

Hubs is a bit stir crazy today and a movie might be nice. I've already seen Eclipse, but it was the best so far and it would be ok to see it again. Up until this movie, I've strongly disagreed with the casting. Afterward, I am thinking they may have only gotten half of the roles wrong.

Happy weekend!


becky c. said...

That yarn looks nice and smooshy!

Jeanne said...

That is gorgeous yarn - I can see why it would be hard to resist starting something with it!