Wednesday, July 07, 2010

a day for idle

There was little rest last night and I made it to the hospital by 6:10A this morning. The nurse wasn't sure what time the cardiologist would perform my husband's procedure - it turned out to be 7A.

Everything is fine. No blockage, thank goodness! Upped dosages of blood pressure medicine should help keep those skyrocketing numbers under control.

Given the procedure, hubs was required to stay on his back until 2P. Everything goes well, they release you. They finally came at 4:30P - we were grumpy.

I find myself walking by the spinning wheel with fleeting urges to make a yard or two of yarn...alas, I am weary.

Peaceful thoughts of a day with very good news are enough and the wheel will wait until tomorrow.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

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Linda said...

Oh dear...I'm so glad things are going to be okay. Hospitals are low on the list of places to hang out. I'll be thinking of you two and saying some extra little prayers.