Friday, July 30, 2010

I finished something!

I've wanted to blog, but things here tend to be kept light and focused on crafty pursuits. There have been way too many distractions with my Hubs and favorite pup.

Hubs is much better and they are keeping tabs on his blood pressure. He can finally drive himself, lift moderately, and get into the pool. It must have felt like he was on lock down.
Easter photos for Alaina 2010
Just as Hubs healed, Darby began getting sick. This is a major issue for us because Darby is the favorite pup of all time. I joke and tell people he is my 'best kid'...and sometimes (most), I mean it. Hubs and I have often talked about having him cloned because he is the best dog ever. Darby does whatever is asked of him and he is very smart so he understands many words and requests then carries them out. When he began drinking LOTS of water and had an accident or two on the floor, we were very concerned. Turns out that he is diabetic and now requires two insulin shots a day. For the past two weeks, I try to get him to eat a little in the morning then watch him bow his little head for me to give him the shot - what a trooper! He has lost a little weight, but is doing much better. Whew!
Chiara wrap (4)
I've been spending a little more time sitting with my pup in his chair while knitting. The upside has been that the Chiara shawl is finally finished. This is a very nice yarn which has sheen and a small halo. The brown lured me in, but I don't wear much in the tones that will match. I guess it was a step outside the usual of blues and greens.
Chiara wrap (6)
Chiara wrapIt seems my knitting mojo may have returned, because the Battleboro Hat has been cast-on. This is an experimentation on making DK weight yarn work for a Worsted weight pattern. More to come.


Walden said...

The Chiara shawl looks lovely! Positive thoughts to Darby, hope his health gets back on track even with the diabetes.

WonderWhyGal said...

That is beautiful. I love the yarn and the shawl pattern. Sometimes it's good to step outside of your comfort zone.

Linda said...

I think your shawl is a wonderful color....looks like it will go with just about everything. Ditto the positive thoughts for your husband and Darby.

Jeanne said...

Glad your husband is better, and sorry to hear about Darby. I hope that he is ok now, and that the insulin helps him get back to normal - he's such a cutie and sounds like a wonderful dog!

Beautiful shawl - gorgeous color!

Anonymous said...

If you happen to have this pattern please let me know. I have been looking for it and can't find it anywhere.