Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Fall Y'all

A neighbor has a sign letting us all know it is Fall. I love it and the fact that Fall is quite different here.
When I woke up today it was hot and steamy. This afternoon it cooled and began to rain. This weather provided the perfect opportunity for me to finish a couple of projects.

This design is from Rowan - The Milk Cotton Collection. Beware if you find something you love in this book because the fine print will tell you that many of the designs are made with Milk Cotton Fine. My LYS was wonderful and ordered it for me.

The original chart included the entire row in teeny tiny print. My copier enlarged in a tad, but it became blurry and just made the whole knitting process more difficult. The last issue of The Knitter included this design as a book excerpt. They were genius in cutting the chart to list repeats and to enlarge it exponentially. These changes made finishing Camellia a breeze.

I did increase the length of this top and still think the design is not an ideal choice for one with my hips, but I still love it.

This was knit on size 1's and there was still a small issue of gauge. I adjusted by making the smallest size and it came out perfect to spec.

Hang on there because I also finished the baby blanket

There is already something new on the needles and I'm so excited to be knitting a new project with Briar Rose Fibers. That yarn is yummy!


Linda said...

Wow, your top is beautiful. I can't imagine doing a whole top on size 1. The baby blanket turned out darling too.

Anna said...

The top looks lovely! Such a romantic thing to wear! :)

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous sweater - and it looks so nice on you. Size 1's...I give you a lot of credit for sticking with it!

The baby blanket is adorable!

craftivore said...

The top is fabulous and the baby blanket is a hoot. Two beautiful FOs in one post.