Monday, September 14, 2009

09 Winter Garden

Just one more thing to love about the warm climate!

It was thrilling when I found out that there are two planting seasons here. Of course, we had missed the first one because of the timing on buying the house. The second is here and was not passing me by.

Our relatives to West advised on which crops will thrive in the Fall/Winter and the appropriate plantings and seeds have been tracked down. FYS and Hubs built the above ground planting boxes over Labor Day and I've been waiting for a dry moment to put them into the ground.

We've put in tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, some sort of pepper for FYS, broccoli and cauliflower. Oh, I snuck some garlic in there, too.

Don't gross out, but I've been saving up the bunny droppings for fertilization. No one in my family or any acquaintance I've ever known in my life would believe that I actually did this and used it in the planting holes.

It will be exciting to see how my garden will grow.

There has been hummingbird activity for the past month. These little guys are very hard to catch with a camera and this is about the best I've managed.

I was poised for the large feeder off to the right and he swooped in and was away before a better shot could be had. He must be camera shy.

We also had a nesting of doves. They worried us because they sat under a small tree out front for days until one morning they were on top of the mailbox.

They remind me of hubs and I.

Lots of productive knitting is being accomplished and I hope to have some exciting posts around the weekend. last thing - they have a Pie Festival near here. Yep, I said a PIE Festival. I guarantee that is one that won't be missed!

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Jeanne said...

How nice you can have a winter garden - ours is winding down so I'm jealous you will have fresh veggies all winter!