Friday, July 10, 2009

Tour de Fleece 2009: first full bobbin

The first half of the 11 ounces is spun. This single inspires me and also makes me think I've set my goal a little low.

After spinning the second half the plying will need to be done and that might take me a bit longer. It may turn out that excitement will push me on and the plying will be flying.

The colors show true here and are much better than the previous photo.

We've had some hiccups with the pool and are waiting (and waiting) for the correct repairs to be made. The home warranty was a wonderful idea, but it is just taking awhile to get everything going. I'm definitely not swimming in it until electricity has been restored and the pump runs for a day or two which means extra spinning time for me.


Jeanne said...

Gorgeous single - can't wait to see the finished yarn!

Sorry to hear about the pool - hope they fix it soon!

Saffron said...

Those singles look beautiful! :)