Thursday, July 30, 2009

23 yards of completely unusable yarn

Handspun yarn, no less.

I love this yarn anyway and am very grateful to Saffron for sending me links on how to Navajo ply.

There were two things I learned that had never occurred to me before seeing these videos:

1. Navajo ply is 3 ply

2. It isn't really that difficult

There was some yardage left from the colorful handspun plied last weekend and the color difference made it perfect for experimentation.

If you have wanted to try to Navajo ply, but have been putting it off, check out the links. Remember to send the kids outside and turn the TV off before beginning (I learned the hard way).

Let me know how your beautiful yarn turns out.


Saffron said...

Yay! :) That looks awesome! I have a bit of yarn just like that. :)

Walden said...

I agree, Navajo plying really isn't as difficult as most people think it is. Even easier if you understand the concept of how crocheting works. Your yarn looks good!

Anna said...

Looks bright and funny! Maybe you could make a cute mini-hank out of it and put in your key chain? So the yarn comes to some use. :)

Jeanne said...

Very pretty yarn! All of your beautiful spinning makes me really want to start doing it again - I really need to just find the time.