Friday, July 24, 2009

Camellia: a work in process

The cover top left me drooling. My LYS ordered The Milk Cotton Collection, but I didn't begin with the cover design that had reeled me in. Camellia was the one I started with because it seemed like it would be easier.

Cast-on occurred just before we moved. The chart in the book is teeny-tiny (come on, Rowan, give us a break!) and increasing it on my copier left it a little fuzzy. The result: I couldn't follow the pattern consistently.

Since getting a little settled, there has been more time to work on this beautiful project. I won't lie, there has been ripping and it was almost tossed into a little pile in the corner. This is mostly due to the smallish, fuzzy chart.

The curve may be passed and the back is nearly finished. This yarn is super soft and I'm happy that I didn't give up.

One note about the yarn - I did have difficulty getting gauge. Size 1's are in it and it was still a little off-gauge so I went down a size to compensate.

I hope to move a little quicker now that things are settled - this will look great with my white linen skirt and there is a little project I'd love to cast-on.


Walden said...

Looks lovely! Love the stitch pattern.

Jeanne said...

The cover pattern is beautiful. This top is gorgeous - but did you say you are using size 0's? Yikes! How do you like the yarn?