Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Mardi Gras vest is being abandoned.

I am a finisher and this vest is never going to be finished (as a vest). The problem lies in the centering of the pattern. It is impossible to get the pattern centered where the mid-point and armhole decreases fall evenly.

It was written without steeks and I hated purling in color work so took it down and put steeks in...that helped with the purling, but not with the symmetry of the pattern. I believe this is destined to become a bag of some kind.

To ease my woe, I've cast on!

Swirl Shawl was designed by Lijuan Jing and is offered through Jojoland. I am a sucker for construction and find myself drawn into anything that is slightly left of center (heh heh, a pun for the vest). What a fun knit so far!

There is other interesting news - we are moving again, this time to our own home. We found our oasis and activity is a flurry again. Mid-May will be the time frame which means a few short weeks until moving activity will overtake our lives again. I haven't begun packing as we have the rental through the end of June. It is exciting to know that we will have a yard to plant and a house to decorate. Peacefulness is inevitable.


becky c. said...

Sorry about the vest - but better to abandon now than drag out the agony. Can't believe you are moving again!

Lisa said...

Oh that's great news! I'm so happy you found a house! I can't wait to hear all about it. So call me sometime hehe!

Anna said...

the house at leats. Sorry about the non-symmetrical vest...