Wednesday, April 08, 2009

True to form

Work ended a tad later than expected yesterday leaving me just enough time to run home, let the pups out, and grab my knitting for knit cafe.
Upon arrival at the yarn shop, I realized that the pups did go out, but my knitting had not made the trip.
Not a problem, the Aeolian Shawl pattern from Knitty, two balls of JoJoland Melody, and a new knitting needle were all readily available.
By the end of the evening, the shawl had grown.
I remember why I love knitting triangular shawls so much - nearly instant gratification!
...and a baby Kildere

FYS is a pro at catching wild animals. Not to disappoint with this little fellow who was running around in the side yard with his family.
We oooed and ahhhhed for a bit and then felt sorry for the parents who were desperately trying to get our attention focused on them instead of their baby.
Once the baby ran off, they quickly put him/her back in line and were clearly happy that they were reunited.


Jeanne said...

The shawl is really pretty - I am doing this one too but haven't started it yet (but have the yarn wound). I love how fast triangle shawls go at first!

Elysbeth said...

Awh, that baby kildeer is adorable, all that tiny perfection. Unfortunately he also made me think of this sock yarn:
which just shows I might have a sock yarn problem.