Thursday, June 26, 2008

after a quick trip to Kentucky

We made it back from Kentucky and Bugg's classes are scheduled (mostly). A little tweaking and she will be set. I've been strong up until now, but the tears are knocking on the door. She is ready, I will be strong.

After spinning the laceweight, I was struggling with what to put on Georgia. The Northern Lights won out and it was the most excellent decision. Becky summed it up the best when she told me that "pencil roving is the schizzle". It certainly is! Makes me realize that my drafting skills need a little work.

Zombie Socks are half finished...which means there is one sock to show you.

Hints were sent my way about the looseness of the fabric once stitches were dropped. The solution used on this sock was to cast on, work ribbing, and two repeats using size 1 needles and then switch to size 0's. I continued with 0's until the gusset shaping was complete then switched back to size 1's.

The fabric on the top of the foot concerned me as possibly being loose and I considered using size 0's for the top of the sock only, but it worked out fine on the 1's.

This sock went by pretty quickly, but the second is languishing. Oh, and you will notice that these are not size 15's for my son...not enough yarn!

The languishing is possibly due to the cast on of another project...

this is the Ring of Lace Wrap pattern from Heartstrings. Kristy sent this lovely Cherry Tree Hill Silk to me long ago and, although the color repeats are not what ROL calls for, I thought it perfect for this design. This gift was a special treat as the yarn is heavenly to work with.

Up next:
Visit with a grade school friend

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Hope Blanket has a new home

Thanks so much to everyone who donated. I alphabetized all of your names and went to for a randomly generated number for the lucky recipient.

Congrats to Amy Peterman.

I've been working on the pattern and have more squares to test-knit before it is ready.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

and so I spin

Really, I should be catching up on my blog reading...

Instead, this yarn has finally been plied.

It began as 2 ounces of Angora, Merino, and Silk from Susan's Spinning Bunny in Tamarack and Spruce and ended up being 617 yards of lace(?) weight. Seriously, I thought it would n-e-v-e-r be finished!

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome. Things were learned and there are questions to ask of Beth if there is ever time for another lesson.

Chris gifted me this fabulous merino roving and it is calling to be spun...yet, it is coveted. I still find it difficult to start spinning my 'good stuff'. I keep waiting until my mad spinning skills kick in.

There is some Northern Lights in there and that will probably go on the wheel, not the Northern Lights gifted to me by Lisa. I'm waiting until I get really good before getting that out!


Friday, June 20, 2008

I am so proud

6.1.08 graduation (120)
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Just wanted to show one more photo of me with my baby girl...where did the time go?

So far behind

Reading blogs is part of my morning ritual - every day, even the weekends. After being away for a week, I've discovered that my pal's posts have exploded and lots of things are going on without me knowing. Not only do I miss reading about your escapades, but I miss sharing...even if there isn't much happening on the needles.

In the past two weeks I've:
-driven umpteen miles through Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana
-ate more fast food than the past two years combined
-ate ice cream nearly every day
-went to a wedding reception of a great friend of 21 years
-spent time with mom and dad : )
-visited family for the first time in awhile
-watched a baseball game
-rode roller coasters
-talked with an old friend
-went to drag races with my son
-had TWO pedicures
-missed my hubs!

What I didn't do was:
-knit much
-visit any yarn stores
-read much e-mail
-spin : (
-of course, read your blogs.

I will catch up, but it is going to be a process. Some of the bloggers I like to read post often.

What I did manage to knit was one more hat for Kristy's Hat Quest bringing my total to 4

and start another pair of socks - Zombie!

I am hopeful that there is enough yarn to make these for My Favorite Youngest Son BUT he just got a new pair of shoes and they were size 15! He's only 15 years old and if his feet don't slow down we will be having him fitted for boats soon.

I'm knitting a couple of inches and weighing the yarn. Should know within a couple of days.

Coming up:
-tennis resumes for Bugg
-a visit with a childhood friend whom I haven't seen in 7 or 8 years
-class advisory meeting with Bugg in KY

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hats for Kristy's Hat Quest

Kristy was my pal for International Scarf Exchange 3....way back when.

A few months ago, Kristy took on a huge task of knitting 300 hats for children living in an orphanage in Ukraine. Some fellow knitters joined a group on Ravelry to help accumulate hats.

Of course, I was willing to help...hats are easy enough, right? You would think - it has been so difficult for me to find time to just make a hat. Finally, two are finished and another one is on it's

way. Now that we are out of the gate, I hope to get a move on and crank out some more hats.

Speaking of charity - reminder that there are 10 days left until we draw a name to receive the Hope Blanket. All you have to do is donate to The American Cancer Society here. Just by donating, your name is put into the hat (no pun intended ; )

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Here's proof that I knit TWO grasshopper socks!

I've also been knitting hats for Kristy's Hat Quest. She has 70 complete in her goal of 300. Kristy is amazing and I've enjoyed getting to know her since she knit my scarf for ISE3 - how lucky am I! Check out the details, maybe you can whip up a hat or two and send them on their way.
Anyone going to Knitter's Connection in Columbus, OH next weekend? We'll be meeting up at the Briar Rose booth at 2P on Thursday if you are in the area - what fun to meet in real life!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The hub-bub of graduation

It has been a whirlwind of activity and we are going from 50 to zero. Experience has taught me that you plan the best you can and then let go of all expectations for these events. This practice has served me well of late and I can honestly say that being bent out of shape over something happened only once (ok, maybe twice). My baby girl has graduated and I am excited for her to go out and continue making her mark on the world. She is prepared and I could not be more proud...just a sec, my eyes are leaking...

The process of the ceremony was frustrating from beginning to end. It was held in an auditorium and each family was given 5 tickets and had to bombard their friends to get more if needed. The faculty entered first in full robed garb and were introduced while the crowd applauded. The kids entered bare of any distinguishing mark to set them apart. We have spent the past 18 years raising individuals and the administration had forced them into tiny little drone molds.

My daughter was determined to stand out and had prepared a shiny silver topper for her cap. She put it together as soon as the ceremony began and it looked impressive. It didn't take long for an appointee for the administration to confiscate the middle of the ceremony! Infuriated, Bugg began texting and my husband was dispatched to regain possession of her 'bling'. When we met her in the courtyard, her bling in place, she echoed our thoughts ~

A ceremony to honor the accomplishments of our kids has continued to be a celebration of the teachers and faculty. The fun and individualism has been drained through the process and this graduation became a boring rhetoric with more of the same.
See the 'bling' hat? 3rd row from the top, 4th one from aisle? That is my Bugg! Pre-confiscation--click to enlarge


In other matters, some knitting was accomplished. The second pair of socks that will be sent to college next year are finished. My goal is to have 8 pair total and this is #2.

Lisa gifted me a skein of Woully Boully sock yarn for my birthday and I loved working with it. The pattern is Stansfield #11 from Sensational Socks. I knit the cuff and first two 8-row repeats on size 1 needles and then switched to size 0's. The sock fits like a dream, but there were maybe two yards of yarn leftover.
Oh, one more thing...Kristy, the yarn used in Sunshine was Rowan Summer Tweed. I don't like knitting with it much, but once it is washed and dried it softens up a bit.