Thursday, June 26, 2008

after a quick trip to Kentucky

We made it back from Kentucky and Bugg's classes are scheduled (mostly). A little tweaking and she will be set. I've been strong up until now, but the tears are knocking on the door. She is ready, I will be strong.

After spinning the laceweight, I was struggling with what to put on Georgia. The Northern Lights won out and it was the most excellent decision. Becky summed it up the best when she told me that "pencil roving is the schizzle". It certainly is! Makes me realize that my drafting skills need a little work.

Zombie Socks are half finished...which means there is one sock to show you.

Hints were sent my way about the looseness of the fabric once stitches were dropped. The solution used on this sock was to cast on, work ribbing, and two repeats using size 1 needles and then switch to size 0's. I continued with 0's until the gusset shaping was complete then switched back to size 1's.

The fabric on the top of the foot concerned me as possibly being loose and I considered using size 0's for the top of the sock only, but it worked out fine on the 1's.

This sock went by pretty quickly, but the second is languishing. Oh, and you will notice that these are not size 15's for my son...not enough yarn!

The languishing is possibly due to the cast on of another project...

this is the Ring of Lace Wrap pattern from Heartstrings. Kristy sent this lovely Cherry Tree Hill Silk to me long ago and, although the color repeats are not what ROL calls for, I thought it perfect for this design. This gift was a special treat as the yarn is heavenly to work with.

Up next:
Visit with a grade school friend


Jeanne said...

Your spinning is beautiful! Love the roving colors. Great socks - and beautiful laceweight!

Lisa said...

I love all your projects! Very cool Zombie socks. I think they will be perfect for Bugg for Halloween.

Isn't pencil roving heavenly?

I'm loving the lace too. I need to start another lace project soon.