Friday, June 20, 2008

So far behind

Reading blogs is part of my morning ritual - every day, even the weekends. After being away for a week, I've discovered that my pal's posts have exploded and lots of things are going on without me knowing. Not only do I miss reading about your escapades, but I miss sharing...even if there isn't much happening on the needles.

In the past two weeks I've:
-driven umpteen miles through Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana
-ate more fast food than the past two years combined
-ate ice cream nearly every day
-went to a wedding reception of a great friend of 21 years
-spent time with mom and dad : )
-visited family for the first time in awhile
-watched a baseball game
-rode roller coasters
-talked with an old friend
-went to drag races with my son
-had TWO pedicures
-missed my hubs!

What I didn't do was:
-knit much
-visit any yarn stores
-read much e-mail
-spin : (
-of course, read your blogs.

I will catch up, but it is going to be a process. Some of the bloggers I like to read post often.

What I did manage to knit was one more hat for Kristy's Hat Quest bringing my total to 4

and start another pair of socks - Zombie!

I am hopeful that there is enough yarn to make these for My Favorite Youngest Son BUT he just got a new pair of shoes and they were size 15! He's only 15 years old and if his feet don't slow down we will be having him fitted for boats soon.

I'm knitting a couple of inches and weighing the yarn. Should know within a couple of days.

Coming up:
-tennis resumes for Bugg
-a visit with a childhood friend whom I haven't seen in 7 or 8 years
-class advisory meeting with Bugg in KY


becky c. said...

That sock pattern is kuh-ooool!

Wait, doesn't the FDA recommend daily ice cream June - August?

Lisa said...

Gosh you have been busy girl! We need to catch up soon!