Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The hub-bub of graduation

It has been a whirlwind of activity and we are going from 50 to zero. Experience has taught me that you plan the best you can and then let go of all expectations for these events. This practice has served me well of late and I can honestly say that being bent out of shape over something happened only once (ok, maybe twice). My baby girl has graduated and I am excited for her to go out and continue making her mark on the world. She is prepared and I could not be more proud...just a sec, my eyes are leaking...

The process of the ceremony was frustrating from beginning to end. It was held in an auditorium and each family was given 5 tickets and had to bombard their friends to get more if needed. The faculty entered first in full robed garb and were introduced while the crowd applauded. The kids entered bare of any distinguishing mark to set them apart. We have spent the past 18 years raising individuals and the administration had forced them into tiny little drone molds.

My daughter was determined to stand out and had prepared a shiny silver topper for her cap. She put it together as soon as the ceremony began and it looked impressive. It didn't take long for an appointee for the administration to confiscate it....in the middle of the ceremony! Infuriated, Bugg began texting and my husband was dispatched to regain possession of her 'bling'. When we met her in the courtyard, her bling in place, she echoed our thoughts ~

A ceremony to honor the accomplishments of our kids has continued to be a celebration of the teachers and faculty. The fun and individualism has been drained through the process and this graduation became a boring rhetoric with more of the same.
See the 'bling' hat? 3rd row from the top, 4th one from aisle? That is my Bugg! Pre-confiscation--click to enlarge


In other matters, some knitting was accomplished. The second pair of socks that will be sent to college next year are finished. My goal is to have 8 pair total and this is #2.

Lisa gifted me a skein of Woully Boully sock yarn for my birthday and I loved working with it. The pattern is Stansfield #11 from Sensational Socks. I knit the cuff and first two 8-row repeats on size 1 needles and then switched to size 0's. The sock fits like a dream, but there were maybe two yards of yarn leftover.
Oh, one more thing...Kristy, the yarn used in Sunshine was Rowan Summer Tweed. I don't like knitting with it much, but once it is washed and dried it softens up a bit.

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Kristy said...

What a beautiful post...the beautiful socks and your beautiful Bugg! I'm glad she found a way to celebrate herself in the midst of all that. She is a lovely young woman and I'm excited for you and for her to see where she'll go from here.

And I love the green socks!