Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Long lost work in progress

This design is in Rowan's The Kasbah Collection. The colors mixed with a simple crochet detailing caught my attention and made me want to knit it.

Easy enough! It was cast-on...um, so long ago that the date escapes me. The body and sleeves were easily finished and Stitcher Bomb aka Sharon helped put the first rows of purple crochet on the neckline. We ran out of time and I was confident that it could be finished with my mad crochet skills.

So, the top languished until selling some extra yarn on Ravelry and remembering that there was a WIP around here somewhere. Turns out the crochet wizards blessed me one day this weekend and the neckline was finished.

Some boring details:

The neckline as written was too floppy and I tightened it up by skipping every 3rd space on the raffia color row. On the final row, I eliminated one of the chains (same for the sleeve edging). The length of this was extremely short and I added by taking off the final border, picking up stitches, and knitting until it looked good.

Turns out this is one of my favorite tops now and it has escaped the WIP status!


SB said...

Looks great! I knew you could do it! SB

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

FABULOUS on you!!

Thank you SO MUCH for my goodies!

Jeanne said...

Very cute!

Lisa said...

So cute! I love that crochet trim! It really sets it off!

Kristy said...

This is beautiful! And who knew you were needlecraft-ambidextrous? (By which, of course, I mean you can both knit and crochet.) Beautiful work. It really suits you. What yarn is this?

Sue said...

Wish you would quit hiding my friend Kim behind hats and with her back turned. She's too pretty to hide!