Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The sun shined and I spun

I've been working on a couple of different patterns this week and the momentum broke yesterday.

The sun was shining and Georgia called to me.

I had never spun Masham before and it was exciting to find some at The Ann Arbor Fiber Expo a couple of weeks ago. The fibers are very long making it easy to spin. There was neglect on my part to take photos before spinning, but Coby has some in her Etsy shop here. The goal was to spin thicker yarn and finish it in a manageable amount of time. There were 4 oz. and it took about 3-4 hours to spin 2-ply at 10 wpi. There are 128 yards in total.

The thought is to get more of this fiber and mix in some of Bella's soft wool. Admittedly, it isn't super soft once spun up, but the angora would definitely add to that. I have been keeping the fur from her regular groomings and nearly have a sandwich bag full. She looks like it is almost time to clip her and that would provide plenty.

Speaking of Bella, her behavior has improved a bit. She is still not allowed to run around in the play pen outside of her cage, but I have been taking her outside on our deck every day. This mixes up her routine and gives her an opportunity to get exercise. Her litter pan is taken outside with us. She uses it and has not had an 'accident' on the deck.
Stubborn girl, if only she would behave so well inside.

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