Friday, November 07, 2008

I wove a scarf and I liked it!

So, this warp was on my loom for a l-o-n-g time. A couple of the hettles were twisted and needed to be fixed before any weaving could be accomplished.

A couple of weeks ago, something possessed me and I got the loom going.

In a matter of a few hours across two days, I wove this scarf.

My favorite youngest son marveled at the finished scarf fresh off of the loom and then he touched it.

"Ouch! That is pretty scratchy, mom. Who would want to wear it?"

True, true. This kid is amazingly intelligent.

Into the washer went the scarf.

With a little bit of wool wash and the hand wash setting, I waited nervously for the result.

...and I liked the result very much.

Fast forward a few days and the scarf is presented to my son for inspection. He frowns at first, thinking that he will touch scratchy.

"What happened to this? Is it the same scarf?"


vanessa said...


becky c. said...

That is so pretty! I never knew that you had a loom.

Jeanne said...


Elysbeth said...

Very pretty, glad it softened up.

Anna said...

The scarf looks great!