Monday, November 24, 2008

Turns out she has monkey arms, too

Mom arrived yesterday and it was her birthday. True, this sweater was supposed to be for Christmas, but with the impending move I though it would be better to go ahead and gift it.

The timing was fantastic because the snow has been coming down since morning and the thickness of this jacket really takes the chill off.

Mom insists that the sleeves are perfect (thank goodness) so no alterations were necessary. I was wondering how that would be pulled off!

We ended up getting a different clasp that looks much better and not so overpowering as the one that came in the bag. I've made her promise to wear it, but as soon as we came inside she tucked it away to avoid "getting it dirty."

...somebody shoot me!


Anonymous said...

what is wrong with Grandma in the second picture? what is she doing??

P.s. i was on my way home tonight but im leaving early tmrw...wonder when youll see this pooks!

Anna said...

What a relief that your mum has monkey arms! :) (Did you ever think that would be somehting to make you happy?)

Jeanne said...

The sweater looks great on your Mom - I'm sure she'll wear it a lot.

GottaKnit said...

Beautiful work!!! Love the colors!!

Good Luck with the move, can't wait to see how things are for you in the South! Kathy