Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another something green

A new sweater for this season is just what I needed and the Ella Jacket from Simply Shetland 4 caught my eye. The thought to knit it in Briar Rose Charity came a little later and this was toted home from Wisconsin.

The design is knit in one piece beginning at the sleeve. Even the collar is knit one by casting on extra stitches. The sides, sleeve seams, and collar did need to be stitched on to finish.

Garments constructed out of the norm always interest me. Disappointment has struck many times after knitting an amazingly constructed design only to find that the fit is bizarre. Not so with this one, the fit is perfect for my build.

This is sure to be a favorite of mine!

2 skeins Briar Rose Fibers Charity
size 7 US Needles
6 buttons from Briar Rose Fibers

See it on Ravelry


becky c. said...

That is cool. I have a book of sideways sweater patterns but I haven't been brave enough to try one.

Elysbeth said...

Very lovely, it looks as though it will wear without pulling out of shape.

Jeanne said...

Very nice! Great color

Sharon said...

You're an accomplished artist! Your finishing techniques are superb. Brava!!!!

Lisa said...

It looks even better in person girl! I'm still considering buying that book. :)

Anna said...

It looks great on you, Kim!

I've knit a Holey Cable in Malabrigo and loved the sideways way of knitting a sweater. But I needed to add short rows to get some shaping as my hips are so much wider than my bust or waist.