Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Fiber Expo

The Ann Arbor Fiber Expo is my favorite show to get spinning fiber. This was my second year to attend and there was very little commercial yarn either year. Some beautiful fiber from Coby followed me home (I need to break down and buy some fiber in the 'Edward' colorway). So, why are there photos of a bunny here?
This is little Delilah and she followed me home too. The natural colors of her fur are beautiful and when considering getting a bunny, the chocolate called to me. Of course, then I fell head over heels with Edward and Bella...now there are 3 bunnies. FYS and I agree that 3 are enough.
Edward is a lover and is so happy to see Bella and Delilah whenever they are near. He also loves to visit with Darby so I am pretty certain he will bond with anything. Bella has been lukewarm in her reception. She was acting a bit odd before, though, and I'm going to search the Ravelry group for some clues on her behavior. At first, I was scared that she was preggers when I picked her up (I've been meticulously careful in keeping her and Edward apart since). She will be running around and will just flop over. She is probably fine, but it will be better to ask. The only thing I would change would be Bella's cleanliness habits. She is a messy bunny! Sometimes she uses her litter box and sometimes she doesn't. She is a bit more smelly than Edward requiring me to clean her cage two or three times more often. Edward uses his litter box all of the time and his cage is VERY clean.
All part of my learning curve for certain.
It had been awhile since I had spun. Georgia sat there silently calling to me. It seems I am a extremely slow spinner.
It took probably 5 hours for me to spin 4 ounces of 50% merino/50% silk in a 2-ply 10 wpi. That just seems slow to me. Once a fiber is on the wheel, I like to spin all of it. With it taking that long to spin, I've tended to let it sit knowing that the available time dedication is limited right now. Beth was at the Fiber Expo (see how I tied that in?) and we agreed that a lesson is probably in order. With gas prices lower, there is really no excuse not to go soon.

The best part of the Expo was visiting with Lisa and meeting Becky. Lisa and I had not seen each other since Spring. We keep trying to find time to meet and spin, but our families have been very busy. Becky was my scarf buddy for ISE 5. My international scarf buddy lives in Ohio! She and her daughter arrived before we left the show. It was so nice to meet her in person...I really should have taken some photos.
Both Lisa and Becky helped with the Hope Blanket. The patterns are being test-knit and afterward the pattern will be available with proceeds to benefit The Hope Lodge. Amy's name was drawn to receive the blanket which she gifted to Kendra.
Kendra recently posted the incredible news that she is cancer-free! Please journey over and share her news. We helped!


becky c. said...

I was hoping that cute bunny was not destined to become "Renesmee" - I like Delilah a lot more. Sorry to hear Bella is a slob, she'd fit right in at my house.

I agree with the need to finish what I start spinning. People who leave singles for months before they ply are so weird to me! Plying is my favorite part.

Jeanne said...

What a cute bunny! And the yarn - gorgeous!

Elysbeth said...

You are not helping my personal struggle not to get a bunny. Very lovely.