Friday, September 19, 2008

WHAT???? another finished project?

Seriously, the socks make with the yarn from hell are finished. If it were a do-over, the Silk Garden Sock Yarn would have been a pass. Luckily, my skein did not have knots, but there were numerous thick slubby pieces which were just knit into the pattern as usual.

The end result is more pleasing than anticipated and I expect to be even happier once these stiff socks are washed. Turtlegirl assures me that they will soften up.

BIG HUGE apologies for putting Becky's heart in danger with my last post title. Although snow is eminent, we have at least another good month (I hope).

One more thing - Marco....whoever you are...I'm not looking for an Italian boy (or any boy for that matter). One good husband is all I can handle!

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Jeanne said...

very pretty - I hope they do soften up!